Solar LED Lights For Residential And Commercial

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Solar LED Lights For Residential And Commercial

Records have shown that bad things happen at night. Crime rate is often high in communities where there are no streetlights. Part of weatherizing your community is to have functioning streetlight systems all year round. XSES provides solar integrated streetlights and solar LED lighting system that can reduce the energy costs of powering your community streetlight. Also, our solar streetlight is designed to work all year round. This is because our system only relies on the energy generated from the Sunlight to charge the battery inside the light to provide continuous electricity. Our solar LED light comes in different forms and have different application. Some of which are solar streetlight, parking lot lights, courtyard lights, decorative lights and much more. Our solar LED light has autonomy of up to 3 days; meaning they can work for 3 days without sunlight if the battery is fully charged.

How much will you save by going Solar LED Light?

Average streetlight uses 250W – 400W. In an average, a streetlight needs to function at least 7-8 hours from dawn to dusk. This means an average streetlight will consumed 2Kwh to 3.2Kwh per day. In a month the consumption will be 60.8Kwh – 97.3Kwh. In NC where the energy rate is $0.11 per kwh, that means for each light pole that you have, you will pay between $7 -$11 per light. Imagine if you have 10 light on your property, that is $70 to $110 per month on the outdoor lighting systems.

You can save this cost monthly simply by going solar. Contact us to get an estimate on how much you could save.

Call: 703-332-9940 for more information.

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