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Illuminate your World with the power of the Sun

With the advancement in renewable energy technology, we can now eliminate the cost of electricity and grid connection entirely. Our Solar street lights and Courtyard lights are design to do just that. Our solar outdoor lighting systems are the best. The quality and durability of our lights cannot be compare to other lights in the market. We offer varied of different outdoor lighting systems for Courtyard, Streetlight, Landscape, underground, Highway, Fence-line and Parking lots. Our solar lighting solutions are design for customers in the United States and in African countries.

Choosing a solar lighting system for your home and commercial properties comes with so many perks. Some of the benefits of our solar lights includes:

There is no need to change bulbs
Zero Maintenance costs
Long lasting power up to 200,000hrs.
Energy Independence
Reduced risk of accidents.
Clean source of electricity.
Like the Solar PV system, an installation of a solar street light system at your homes could also qualified you for the federal and state tax credit, rebates or grants.
(Visit WWW.DSIREUSA.ORG for more information)

Why you need to Switch to a Solar LED Light?

The first reason to switch is “SAVING”. Everyone like to save money, by switching your outdoor lighting system to a solar LED Light, you can save an average of $600 per year. Here is how!
Average cost of outdoor area light for commercial property = $13/month For 2 or more lights: $13 x # of light

Example 1:
A commercial property with 5 outdoor lights will pay = $65 per month
In one year, the cost is $65 x 12 = $780 per year.
This is for outdoor lighting only.
By swapping your current outdoor lighting system to a solar lighting system, you can avoid paying $780 per year.
Going Solar is only going to keep more money in your pocket. Therefore, what are you still waiting for? ACT NOW!