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Solar energy is a green energy concept that is here to stay. Unlike every other sources of energy that depleted overtime, solar is a renewable and readily available energy for homes, businesses and community organizations. Solar power equipment provides alternative energy source in area where Grid system/electricity is not available. Our solar PV systems and generators are for the following:

  • They can help you save money or eliminate your Electric bills.
  • They can serve as a backup energy source in case of blackout or power outages.


Solar photo-voltaic modules harness the rays from the Sun and convert it into electricity. The energy generated from the Sun through the Solar panels can be use to power your home, heat and hot water. A solar PV system can either be connected to the power grid or use exclusively as an OFF-Grid or Stand-alone system.


We represent other reputable solar and wind energy manufacturing companies such as Renogy, Sunning Wind Power, and SolarWorld to provide top quality renewable energy products and systems at a competitive price. We carry “Grade A” PV modules such from Hyundai, Renogy, SolarWord and Canadian Solar. Our Company is committed to help our customer make their next solar project easy and affordable. We welcome contractors, homeowners, business owners and community organizations that want to go Solar or take advantage of the Wind energy system. We continue to offer great deals on DIY Grid-tied and Off-Grid Solar kits for residential and commercial projects.


We offer competitive pricing and we will work with you to provide you with solar system that meet your budget and help you cut down on your energy bills.