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5000 Lumen Commercial Solar Light| Highway Light, Street Light

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Our 5000 Lumens Solar Streetlight is powerful and it is one of the best Solar street light in the market today. This light is design to save you money and last longer than the average solar light in the market. The light comes with powerful LED Lamp for better illumination at night. It also includes long lasting Lithium battery, with over 5000 life cycles. This light can be use for residential and commercial project such as parking lot lighting and military base perimeter lighting. This DIY Solar light solutions is one of the best alternative lighting solutions in the market today. Our solar light comes with 100% Money back guaranteed. Long lasting built-in Lithium battery and much more.

This is a custom order, please contact us at 703-332-9940 before placing order.

1 in stock (can be backordered)


This is a 5000 Lumens Solar Streetlight, Area light or Perimeter light. This is light is highly powerful and excellent for Commercial and large Government project such as highway, commercial real-estate development, road, other large scale project. Our 5000 Lumen light comes with multi-level adjustable control. This light features a super bright LED and 33W of Polycrystalline Solar panel. When you need an alternative source of light for your commercial outdoor lighting project, this is the best product for you.


  1. Patent Integrated Elegant Design with aluminum alloy case
  2. 5000 Lumen of super bright LEDs. Project a great light illumination equivalent to a 500W LED light
  3. Easily replaceable 230.88WH Li-ion Battery
  4. Lamp comes with a 33W of integrated Solar panel
  5. Adjustable angle to cover a wide lighting area
  6. A fully charged battery will last 3 nights or more
  7. Easy install on a Pole with install height of 4 meters

Application:  Highway, Roadway, Commercial Development, Military base, Parking Lots

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