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With over 1.2 billion people on earth who lack electricity, Xtiroyal Solar Light is committed to help increase global access to Solar Lighting systems in areas with limited access to electricity. We believe that the market potential for Off-grid Solar lighting system is enormous. This is why we are dedicated to bring our All-in-One Solar lighting systems to those regions that can benefit from it.

Become a Xtiroyal Solar Light Dealer

We are looking to increase dealership opportunity in the United States and the following countries: India, Kenya, Jamaica, Lebanon, Panama, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Virgin Island, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Philippines.
For the U.S. Market, we need dealers in the following States: Florida, Texas, Delaware, Maryland, Boston, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, California, Alaska, and Kentucky
In an effort to expand our quality solar light to homes and businesses that are without a reliable access to power or grid systems. Xtiroyal Solar Light is looking for partners and dealers around the world. Xtiroyal Solar Light is the leader in solar lighting and solar portable generators for home-based and commercial-base solutions in the U.S. and developing countries.
Billions of people in living in communities with poor grid technology are looking to purchase reliable renewable energy solutions to improve the quality of their lives. With our solar lighting options and portable generators that is affordable and reliable, you now have the solutions readily available. Our business model comes with excellent support and marketing tools to quickly get your business off the ground.
We offer unparalleled flexibility and variety dealer program to meet the needs of our partners worldwide. Since 2015, Xtiroyal Solar Light and its partners have sold over 400,000 solar lighting systems in over 15 countries worldwide.

How you can work with Xtiroyal Solar Light

  • Distributor: Xtiroyal Solar Light distributors purchase a very large quantity of products, receive shipments, and deliver our products to their networks of retailers. As a distributor, your goal is to expand your customer’s inventory with Xtiroyal Solar light product categories.  
  • Retailer: Xtiroyal Solar Light retailers provide authentic and quality products; exceptional customer service and product advice build the brand and increase productivity within their geographical area. Our retailers sell Xtiroyal Solar light products to generate profit for their business.  
  • Entrepreneur: Xtiroyal Solar Light entrepreneurs bring clean and affordable renewable energy lighting solutions to new location and generate profit from Xtiroyal Solar Light products.
  • Investor: Xtiroyal Solar Light investors provide financial supports and personal connection to bring our Solar light products to those with limited access to electricity.