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Let us introduce you to the world of renewable Energy that Is full of endless possibilities. We offer solar and wind energy solutions for small to large business. For more information, call us at 703-332-9940.
for your Grid or off-grid solar systems solutions.

Energy Incentives

North Carolina Green Power Productions Incentives for Commercial properties.
Property Tax Abatement for Solar Systems
Businesses that install solar systems on their property are granted 80% property tax reduction on the assessed value of the PV system.

Federal Tax Credit (30%)

Solar customers are granted 30% tax credits off the cost of the systems. Find out what other renewable energy systems qualifies for this tax credit by visiting the DSIRE website.

Introducing our New “Builder’s Solar PV Kit”

In part of our effort to make solar PV system affordable for new and existing homeowners and business owners, we have developed a New Solar PV Kit for Real Estate Developers. The solar system ranges from 3KW to 5KW. Residential and Commercial Real Estate Developers can now make going solar a lots more affordable for new home buyers.
Our new “Builder’s Solar PV Kit” is easy to install. The system comes with a mounting layout and electrical drawing that you will need to complete a full installation. To find out more about the NEW “Builder’s Solar PV kit” program contact us at 703-332-9940