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Work-based learning/Internship

Solar Marketing and Sales Associates / SPRING, SUMMER, FALL INTERN 2017.
Message from the CEO of Xtiroyal Solar Energy Solutions

  • Our business is growing and we are recruiting College Interns
  • We are looking for ambitious and open minded candidate to work at our office in Fayetteville, North Carolina for 3 – 4 months – Starting this summer.

Who Are We

Xtiroyal Solar Energy Solutions is a Renewable energy consulting and retail company based in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
Established in 2015 and headquartered in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Xtiroyal Solar Energy Solutions is proud to be Fayetteville leading solar light company that provides alternative energy solutions and advance lighting technology for all areas of outdoor illumination.
We provide patented All-in-one solar lighting technology for garden, underground, commercial advertisement and streetlights. Our lighting system can be retrofit for existing poles or structures. We provide safe, cost effective and Eco-friendly Lighting solutions.
Whether it is lighting solutions for residential, business and government projects in the United States or around the world, Xtiroyal Solar provides a host of consulting and product supply solutions to fit our clients’ need.

What Can You Expect

An exception experience in the Solar Industry; Global benefits of renewable energy systems; excellent customer service skill, and unparalleled cost saving solutions for all project sizes.
Not only will you learn about our different categories of solar lighting systems, you will be introduced to the maintenance, sales and marketing of actual products and learn about their applications around the world
You will learn how to literally install and test our solar lights and other products. How to develop marketing strategy for specific targeted area locally and via social media platform.
Plus, you will work side by side with our staff and have the opportunity to participate in our reward program.

Primary Job Duties (Solar Marketing and Sales Associates)

  • Researching Customer base – Initially, management will relay what our target customer’s needs are and you can follow our guides on how to search for target leads online/offline. After you have gained some experience and we feel you have the ability to communicate with customers – you can provide information and answer questions directly to current and potential customers.
  • Create a Proposal – You will learn how to create a proposal for potential clients. The proposal is a detail report of lighting design solution developed to meet specific client’s needs. Our proposal will include product brochure or information sheet, pricing, warranty, delivery mode, lead-time and type of payment. Which will be send to customers for review.
  • Conduct Product Presentation – This involve personal on site or off-site product demonstration to clients. You will learn how to conduct product demonstration via Skypes, YouTube, Facebook Live, Zoom or other online video platform. The purpose of the demonstration is to educate potential clients on the application of our products and the potential value of the product for them.
  • Product Sales and Marketing – We have systems in place to complete product sales both online and offline. You will learn about our online selling platforms, direct sales and invoicing method. You will market products to new and existing customers. You will take pictures, create video, develop email format, distribute marketing flyer, and develop short blogs to enhance marketing efforts.
  • Product Inspections & Packaging – You will often conduct product inspection, to promote quality control prior to packaging and shipment. You will ensure that all product packages have the company labels. You will learn how to create shipping labels via UPS for outgoing shipment.

Secondary Job Duties (Content Development)

  • Build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination, bench-marking, messaging and audience identification.
  • Generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video or HTML) that builds meaningful connections and encourages potential clients to take action.
  • Create editorial Google calendars and syndication schedules.
  • Continuously improve by capturing and analyzing the appropriate social data/metrics, insights and best practices, and then acting on the information.

Type of Candidate We Want

A quote by Simon Sinek – “If you hire people just because they can do a job, they will work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood, sweat and tears.” -Simon Sinek

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer who believe in individual not the qualifications. We are looking for people with a Global Mindset, people that are ambitious, adventurous, curious, detail oriented and looking to improve. If you love learning about renewable energy business, and how to add value to people’s lives through alternative energy solutions, energy costs saving, and improve our environment.
Start by clicking the Apply Now button on the career page of our website.
Note: Applicants with video editing skills will be strongly considered.

To Learn More About Us
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Xtiroyal Solar Energy Solutions
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