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Xtiroyal Solar Energy Solutions is a renewable energy company that provides quality alternative lighting solutions, solar energy systems components for commercial and residential applications. Our mission is to provide cost effective means of illuminating the world around you. We are known for our top quality products and exceptional customer service.

We specialized in Top rated and quality lighting systems powered by Solar Energy. We provide lighting solutions for Street lighting, Parks & Recreations, Major Highways and Roads, Parking Lots, and residential lighting applications such as yard light, underground light, stair and wall light. We provide an All-in-one solar lighting solutions that are compact and easy to use; a simple “Do-It-Yourself system installation that does not required trenching or cabling of any kind.

Our focus is to provide quality Do-It-Yourself (DIY) outdoor lighting solutions for parking lots, residential, Farmland, Ranch, Schools and government projects of all sizes. We also provide off-grid solar generator kit to billion of people with limited access to electricity or those seeking to promote sustainable living in the United States and around the World.


Our Company was established primarily to help environmentalists, solar enthusiasts, homeowners and small to large Organizations overcome the challenges that come with the decision to go Solar due to lack of education. As a result of this, our commitment is to help our customers understand how to gain their independence from utilities companies that hike their prices every year, by providing education on how to use our Eco-friendly solar lighting systems and products to reduce energy costs and labor costs on large project while developing a more sustainable environment.

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